The 2nd Edition of "Beijing Contemporary Expo" will remain its curatorial, local and public features, in 5 sections, namely "STORY", "VALUE", "FUTURE", "ENERGY", and "WONDER ", we focus on the internal reorganization and external publicity of the value of Chinese contemporary art and cooperate with

galleries, institutions, collectors, media and brands, in the spirit of integration and cooperation, establishing a comprehensive platform to promote Chinese contemporary art, exploring an organizational way to connect local experience with globalization, inspiring the vitality of the industry and linking an extensive social space.


As the value engine of "Beijing Contemporary Expo", "Story" is the curation section and with the rule of curator-mechanism, we will invite artists with their important works to participate the exhibition under the framework of artistic value, to provide a valuable reference and recognition map for contemporary art appreciation and collection.


The "Story" section of 2019 "Beijing Contemporary Expo" will initiate a large-scale group exhibition for the post-85s artists to strive to present a new look of the youngest generation of Chinese artists in the process of inheriting the tradition. We will select artists and works from participating galleries.


"Value" is the gallery section of "Beijing Contemporary Expo". Under the premise of selection, galleries which are closely related to China and those are with gallerist spirit are invited to join this section, aiming to present the high-standard and diversified value of the contemporary art galleries.


The "Value" section will be open for application soon.


The "Future" section of "Beijing Contemporary Expo" presents the latest artistic trends, which uses the gallery booths in certain area to showcase specific new media, new types, and creation and market trends under new themes.


This section will focus on "paper" theme, which will cover various types of paper painting, traditional photography, and multi-type artistic creations that is related with paper as the material or theme. Artists can apply or be invited to join the section.


The "Energy" section is specially designed by "Beijing Contemporary Expo" to deeply bond contemporary art with aesthetics of life. Different institutions and brands are invited to be exhibitors of this section, hoping the public could be linked with the contemporary art through design, fashion and other popular cultures.


The "Energy" section of 2019 " Beijing Contemporary Expo" will be enlarged and open to more exhibitors. Exhibitors can apply or be invited to this section.


The "Wonder" section of "Beijing Contemporary Expo" will display public art, which aims to connect contemporary artworks with landscape, special and communicative characters with public audience, and to drive the whole society to care more about contemporary art with the most eye-catching art pieces.


"Wonder" section of "Beijing Contemporary Expo" will select public artworks by 10 to 12 artists from all exhibitors, and their works will be displayed in the public area of the exhibition, meanwhile the affiliated artwork awarding activity will be hold by the panel.

Exhibition schedule

Application Submission

January 1-February 28, 2019

Please download the booth application form from the download page.

Please send the application form to 

Exhibition Date

May 30 - June 2, 2019


National Agricultural Exhibition Center
No.16, Dongsanhuan North Road, Chaoyang District
Beijing, China

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